Love a girl who cooks

You should love a girl who cooks. Love a girl who has fingers wet from washing vegetables under running water. Love a girl who knows the measure of a ‘pinch’ of salt and a ‘dash’ of pepper. She’s the one who can smell a pie and tell you that it definitely has nutmeg mace in it. She loves to cook for friends and family, and plans delicious surprises for the loved ones in her life. She can tell you how to easily scrape off a cake from the baking tray without messing up the edges. She’s the one whose heart swells up on seeing a well-baked pie. The one who will plan you a dinner on your birthday, and fill the table with dishes you didn’t even dream of. She’s the girl who charts your culinary dreams and colours your dietary fantasies. The one who decides that you will have spiced buttermilk every morning and pushes you out for a jog, because your blood cholesterol is slightly above normal.

She’s the kind who will rush to get her old tattered recipe book and note down the recipe for that rare finger-licking mutton curry when Grandma comes home for holidays. The one who will sniff the cardamom before peeling it off for making payasam on Onams. Her fingers smell of garlic even after lunch is over, because she’s been too busy peeling garlic cloves for chicken curry. She’s the one who rushes in to the kitchen when your friends decide to drop you a surprise visit, and graciously serves gajar ka halwa from God-knows-where. The kitchen remains her sanctuary, her nest of comfort and creativity. The playground where she plays with herself. Sweet vs spicy, hot vs cold…curries, desserts, rotis, cakes, bakes, and the rest of the party! All assembled in their hiding places, waiting to be summoned by the gentle stroke of her hand, and whiffed for appraisal.

Love a girl who cooks for others, just so she can watch with delight the upturned curves of their mouths and hear the sounds of chewing, sipping and obvious pleasure. Love a girl who will send you out in the garden to pluck a sprig of curry leaves to garnish the chicken curry. She’s the one who gives a totally different meaning to the phrase ‘cook up a storm’. The one who can turn your least favourite vegetable into an unbelievable delicacy.

Love a girl who cooks, for she will love you like she loves the scent of ginger and the sweet aroma of fresh butter. She will hold your hand through thick and thin, for she knows how recipes can turn into unexpected chaos. She knows that following the recipe word by word may not always give the best results; sometimes you’ve got to trust your instincts and sheer madness. She will not be hard on you, for she knows that some things need to be cooked slowly for that amazing taste. She will decorate your home and life with love and other carefully chosen colours. You will have the magic of pixie dust for breakfast, the bonny rays of sunshine for lunch and dreamy moonbeams for dinner. She will promise to tickle your taste buds every day for a lifetime of unnamed feasts. She will be calm like butter melting on toast, yet passionate like mustard seeds sizzling on hot oil. Hold her hand, and be with her through her culinary pursuits. Be the palette that she mixes colours onto. Be the canvas that she paints on. And she will cook up for you, something extraordinary, something worth remembering a lifetime.

Love a girl who cooks, and be prepared to walk blindfolded into the laboratory of her mind.

Photo Courtesy: suzettesuzette


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