When it’s over, take me there

Where the fields are green and the skies are blue,

And the sounds of happy children resonate

Not deafened by the helpless cries that fall on deaf ears

Not scarred by the blood that flows endlessly, emptying itself into a generous abyss

Where the words ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ evoke happy thoughts,

And freedom like an eagle, flies fearless and high

Where knives are used only to peel apples and not maim hapless souls

Where the beauty of a soul is not marred by the stamp of sindoor, the beads of a rosary or the mask of the Hijab

Where flowers don’t lose their ‘sanctity’ wherever they are placed, and their fragrance spreads far and wide, without caution

A land where home is not restrained to the walls of a house, and nests of comfort reside in many places

Where girls grow up with security and comfort, in turn raising their girl children to be free citizens

A place where I can walk hand in hand with my friend, not fearing the consequences

Where girls can run free and far, without looking back to see who’s chasing them

Where ‘wheels on the bus go round and round’ stirs up a happy childhood memory, not a dreaded nightmare

When it’s over, take me there

And probably we might find our lost angels, waiting for their unsung requiems to be heard.

Photo Courtesy: Ahmad Hammoud (


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